Real Life Isn’t Good Enough For The Walls


Her newest little bundle, Faith, was finally home from the hospital and they were ready for a session. I told Ashley I wanted to do something a little different than they were used to, and document a “day in the life” of their kids. This stage.

And she was game, mostly because she’s awesome…but also a little because she trusted me.

And after one simple in-home portrait of the girls, all together, in their pretty lacy dresses…she trusted me completely.


If real life isn’t good enough for our walls, then what’s it good for? Let’s throw all the posey-posey crap out the window for just one session, I told her, and see what happens…

We’ll capture Faith in all her newness.

We’ll let the big sisters shine..cuz they so love to shine.

And with a little luck, we’ll add it all up…

And we’ll capture the girls, together…

At least up until the point they totally check out…


Now, if that’s not real…I don’t know what is. Welcome to life with kids.

Outside we went, for one last attempt to capture these creatures in the wild.

And that’s a wrap.

Every family has a story to tell. And real life is always good enough for the walls.

Period. 😉


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