It’s in the bag…

Everywhere I go I get compliments on my purse. Funny, because it’s not really a purse. I mean, it absolutely can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s a really cool, really functional bag. That I use as a camera bag and purse. Sometimes. Overnight bag, sometimes.

Computer bag, sometimes.

Day pack, sometimes.

Diaper bag, a long time ago. Sometimes.

So, there’s this awesome brand that I came across about 5 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Have you heard of Kelly Moore? Surely you have by now. This chick has the lock on handbags, across the board.

Hands down. End of story.

Whatever you’ve been thinking  you need in a bag, you’re bound to find it at Kelly Moore. It’s like she has a crystal ball that sees deep into the mind of busy, organization-craving, moms, students, artists and business women…all who juggle one million things in 30 seconds or less and need nothing more than to have one thing in their lives make total sense. Besides shoes, cuz shoes are a given. And that one thing is a damn good bag.

That’s all we need.

Pick a style, big or small, colorful or not. It doesn’t matter. If you have a problem called “I carry half my house around with me because I think I’ll need everything at some point in the day” – there’s a bag for that. If you’re a minimalist, there’s a bag for that too.


Ask me, I’ve got 6 of them.

Here’s my tribe…


(from left) Purse, computer bag/biz tote, camera bag. These are the three I use most. I also have the brown camera bag (Two Sues) in gray and a Mimi in purple. The hubs has a Kelly Boy (messenger tote).

These things are no-nonsense. My camera bag (brown) holds my 5D Mark iii and 70D camera bodies, 24mm lens, 50mm lens, and light meter, batteries, charger, SD cards, and plenty of room left for extra personal items.

I. Love. These. Bags.

Go see for yourself what the hype is all about. Just check out the full line here and try to tell me I’m over doing it. I dare you.

When is the last time you carried a bag for 5 years and it still looked new? Hmmm?

Once you’ve realized you simply MUST have one for yourself, you can thank me for the sweet discount code.


Yep. Save $20 at checkout – use code SVSBLOG until 6/30/16.

You’re welcome.

CHEERS! ~Steph

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