Making A Summer Session Shine…It’s All About Family

Sometimes searching for a session location can be like hunting a unicorn.

You know it’s out there. You believe in it with your whole heart. But no matter where you look you can’t see it.

Sometimes we forget that beautiful images can be taken almost anywhere.

Back alleys. Back yards. Once, I did a session in some tall grass next to a McDonald’s. I kid not. And it was beautiful. 

So, there was this revelation where I reminded myself that finding beautiful light is the most important thing next to focusing on the family in front of my lens. After a ten minute walk thru the park, I was falling in love with rays of golden sunlight pouring through the trees. From now, to forever. That kind of love. The sunlight was my unicorn.

The best part, after finding the light you love is that look in the family’s eyes when you explain that “this session will be different.” No more of the posey-posey Uncle John sessions – you know, the ones where every single shot is of someone staring down the barrel of the lens. Smiling. Sometimes uncomfortably.

Lifestyle sessions are meant to be just that – a time to capture a family together, being a family. The whole ball of wax.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself revisiting some of the most overused places. Places that I had warded off, because everyone and their dog were taking portraits there. Then I realized that portraits were the problem.

Portraits. The same backgrounds. Images that feature a PLACE. Instead of the people.

Boom, just like that I forced myself to take on a new perspective and create family sessions that look the way I think they should look. Like a family being a family. Together. Not pictures of a place, with people, who just happen to be smiling for the camera.

Summer sun offers us a different kind of warmth, no pun intended. I love seeking out a location that offers some break through where the sun light can be another feature. And don’t forget to keep it short – no one likes a sweaty session in the dog days of summer.

Warm, yummy, summer light. A beautiful family, being a family. These things are my heart.

When you capture moments that happen between family, time flies and you find yourself with frames that will be valued far more than Uncle John. Everyone loves a quick and easy session…and this one topped out at a whopping 45 minutes.



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  1. This post was downright inspiring, and breath-taking. Beautiful.


    1. svsiefkas says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m hundred years late responding, but just noticed your comment. 😉 You’re too kind!


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