Thank You, Phase 2 – A November Event

This month has been all about saying Thanks…


Usually I like to say thanks with something edible. Like bacon, or cheese and wine, or bacon. But hey, people like photography and the masses have spoken.

This is PHASE 2. It’s about what the people want. I’m just here to say Thank You in a way all you fine humans will appreciate. After all, I couldn’t do what I do without your beautiful faces. And love getting to know you. All of you. I’ve made more friends through this business (like real, lasting friendships) than I could have ever imagined. That’s the good stuff.

Time to show thanks.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Free Full Standard Session 
  • 25-30 Digital Images
  • Web Files for online sharing
  • 5×5 Hardcover Book

To Enter:

  • Share this blog post with your friends
  • Like SVSiefkas on fb
  • Comment below that you’ve entered to win

I’ll be doing a live results video on Monday 11/21 at 8pm on the SVSiefkas fb page.

Now…what about booking one of these sessions? What about people that don’t want to wait for the giveaway results? Because guess what…you can.

Instead of a Black Friday Sale, this year I’m offering up this amazing deal for Spring sessions. As most of you know, a standard session is $500 to book, with a credit for printing (and NO DIGITALS). So, the average investment for a session is about $800.

How awesome would it be to get your session with digitals for half that? No brainer, right?

Well, what about ALSO getting an awesome custom product? I have to say, products are my absolute favorite. It wasn’t an even split, but there were TONS of requests for custom products, in addition to digital files. So, I decided to include both and design an awesome package for Spring. And cheap.

That’s what everyone wants this time of year, let’s be honest. So here’s the package:

  • Free Full Standard Session 
  • 25-30 Digital Images
  • Web Files for online sharing
  • 5×5 Hardcover Brag Book
  • Available for purchase thru 11/28 (Cyber Monday)
  • For use 3/31-5/31
  • $299 ($89 to book, balance due on session day)

These sessions are available for lifestyle (family, children), engagement, maternity.

The kicker? I’m also giving away a second session! Everyone who books the special will be entered into a drawing for a free session. The freebie sesh will come in boutique packaging, to be gifted to someone for the holidays! The. Perfect. Gift.

Only 10 sessions available for purchase. First come, first serve, previous clients first. To purchase, leave your email address in a comment, and I will contact you to set a date and collect your booking fee.

So, enter to win if you wish, purchase if you want…and do the quick math. If you’re grabbing up a Spring session for yourself, there’s a 1 in 10 chance you’ll win one for a friend.

Double SCORE!!

I’m so excited to share this awesome giveaway with all of you.

Much love,





27 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Jenkins says:

    I want a spring session. And in a perfect world I’ll win one too. I hope you like to see my face a lot 😂.


    1. svsiefkas says:

      Ha!! You know I love your face. 😉 I’ll message you so we can talk dates!


  2. Kayla Walker says:

    I’m entered!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Debbie Scherder says:

    Any time!


  4. Mallorie Charlton says:

    Shared, liked, entered! We LOVED our Christmas minis! Thank you so much!!


  5. Ashley Deters says:

    Love! 😍


  6. Michala calhoun says:



  7. Amber Hawthorne says:

    Do u have to be a customer currently to buy a spring session? I have someone interested in booking a session.

    Shared and fingers crossed! Thanks!


    1. svsiefkas says:

      Hi Amber, I’m booking precious clients first, but have your friend send me a message so they can be on the list of new clients! I’m booking new peeps after my live video tonight! 🙂


  8. Kara Bowler says:

    Liked, shared, and entered!


  9. Megan Hakenwerth says:

    😍😍😍😍 I’m all in!!


  10. RYAN Bibb says:

    Shared, liked & entered. See- I can follow rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ashley Baker says:

    I would like a session please for spring!


    1. Ashley says:

      Also I like and shared and commented!


    2. svsiefkas says:

      Hi Ashley! I’ll get in touch so we can talk dates, sounds great!!


  12. Mindy says:

    Like, shared and commented! You’re my idol……maybe a little kissing up will help my chances?!? No, but honestly you are. 🙂


  13. April Foster says:



  14. Ashley Boschert says:

    Would love to win this! 😀


  15. Krista Bowen says:

    Shared to enter!


  16. Elisha says:

    I’m in! Just shared!


  17. Shellie Klocke says:

    Liked, shared, entered 🙂


  18. Leslie Selle says:

    Liked shared entered! Thank you!


  19. Rachel Starkey says:

    Shared, liked, fingers crossed! 😊


  20. Susan Lagemann says:

    Shared, liked and entered! Thank you!


  21. Myra Knight says:

    Entered :). Are spring sessions still available?


    1. svsiefkas says:

      Hi Myra!! Yes ma’am, there are a few left! Let’s talk dates, I’ll message you. 😉


  22. Tiffany N. Anderson says:

    Bring on a Spring session nothing like celebrating the twins turning 5 and the baby turning 2! 🙂 Will you paypal me?


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