Meet Baby B

Life is raw, and for that there are no words. Rawness, realness, intensity, love, strength, pain, joy, and everything in between…they’re given breath. And when you get to witness that happening, and bottle it up to be saved forever? Just wow.

Now, factor in one of the sweetest families ever. They were so inviting, so easy to work with and quickly welcomed me into such a private, intimate time in their lives. It was like meeting old friends for the first time.

The honor of being allowed to document this crescendo of life, becoming a fly on the wall, it’s big. Let’s not dance around it here. I’ve cried. More than once. At the thought of capturing a journey’s end and beginning, the last and first images on either side. How humbling. Memories, preserved. Emotions. Anticipation. See how I’m not doing so great making full sentences? It’s hard to articulate.

Blessed. There, that covers it…



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