[ Paige + Wes – A Downtown Houston Engagement ]

It was a matter of hiking miles through downtown walkways and bridges to find the perfect spots. And the “miles” part is no joke. There was hiking.

Despite at one point almost getting mugged (kidding…we’re pretty sure), it was perfect. We only ran a little.

Paige and Wes – what can I say about them?

We met at Toute de Suite (the cutest little coffee shop ever), because macaroons. And also because parking. And traffic. the moment we sat down over coffee, I could tell how much they adore each other. Cute jokes. Attentiveness. The way they look at each other. All the signs of a pair of humans who are destined to be together. At times, were finishing each other’s sentences and communicating with not much more than eye contact.

Sounds to me like they’re about 50 years ahead of the game.

*Special thanks to these two and their primo location scouting skills (I may or may not have given them a little homework). They went super above and beyond.

I couldn’t be more blessed than to document your genuine love for one another, Paige and Wes. You two fit together like coffee and gluten free cupcakes. 😉 It’s just so obvious. Not to mention, you were down for literally ANYTHING! That includes hiking in heels. ❤ Thanks for introducing me to Houston at night.

And Houston, thanks for being sweet.

Til we meet again,






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