Reverend’s wife. Mother. Stargazer. Plant eater. Nerd.

Morning person (under duress). Word junkie. Outdoor enthusiast.


These are some of the things I am.

Taking pictures has become one of my favorite ways of expressing myself…and after 15 years, it’s become a passion. Some photographers claim this business as a life long dream, or talk about how they’ve had a camera in their hands since the age of 7. That just wasn’t me. At age 7, I was digging in the dirt and falling off my roller skates.

It’s been a process for me. My real love for photography is one that blossomed over years and years of starting, pausing, and picking back up the lens. I was on hiatus for a number of years after my second little human came into the world. Life happens, ya know? But what I realized during my time away is that photography is a real part of who I am. I missed it, and I think it missed me. I guess if I’m being super honest, it’s not even the actual photography that feeds my soul.

Don’t get me wrong…I love a challenge. I’m hard headed like that. Learning new techniques, furthering my craft, always digging deeper and never feeling like I know enough…this an industry that moves forward with or without you, and I totally dig that. The photography gig is exhilarating. But that’s not what fully does it for me. Not even close.

I just really love people. Dang it, I love them.

And being behind the lens allows me to help someone tell their own story, and sometimes even write a new one.